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The 7 Secrets to getting a great price when you sell your home

The 7 secrets to getting a great price

when you sell your home…

(Use these secrets to put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.)


Welcome to The 7 Secrets to getting a great price when you sell your home. Your home can be anything from a multimillion dollar mansion to a modest one bedroom apartment. When you sell your home you want to get a great price. And that’s the purpose of this special report…

In the next few pages we are going to share with you some helpful tips and strategies that you can use to get a great price when you sell your home. Using even one of these strategies can help you to get thousands (and even tens of thousands) of dollars more when you sell your home.

Most of these strategies are logical and obvious when you see them explained. They are ‘common sense’ if you like. The interesting thing about common sense though is how uncommon it actually is. You would be amazed how often smart people forget to use some of these simple ideas when they sell their home. And end up with an average result rather than a great one.

The good news is that all seven of these secrets are very easy to understand and are simple to use. (Particularly if you follow the last secret) So here’s what I suggest you do now. Take some time and read through this special report several times.  Then have a chat with me and I’ll give you some more tips and hints on how you can use some of these ideas to get a great price when you sell.

Getting a great price when you sell your home is simple but not easy. There are many things you need to do and they all matter. The small amount of time you invest in reading and applying these ideas will pay off handsomely when you choose to sell your home.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

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Secret 1:  Get Serious

We call this secret the ‘two magic words’ and they explain success in many areas of life.

Think about a really important goal that you achieved for yourself.

  • It could have been a health or fitness goal where you got into fantastic shape over a period of time.
  • Or perhaps it was a career goal where you ended up with a great job and a wonderful salary.
  • It might even be a monetary goal where you created a sizeable amount of money within a certain time frame.

What was the starting point for any important goal like this that you actually achieved?

In most cases (when you think about it a bit) you started to get good results toward achieving your goal when you  make the mental decision to ‘get serious’ about it. You were no longer going to treat the goal as something that would be ‘nice to have one day’. You were now serious about getting it.

It’s exactly the same in many different fields. If you talk with top sports people and ask them ‘when did you start to do really well in your chosen sport?’ you’ll often hear these same two words. These people will tell you they started to do well when they ‘got serious’ about this sport.

The same two words apply to getting a great price when you sell your home. You have to ‘get serious’ about getting a great price. This is quite different from saying something like ‘I think we’ll sell our home if someone gives us a good price.’ (That is just a nice wish that is fun to think about.)

The reality is that there are certain steps you need to follow if you want to get a great price when you sell your home. These steps will take both time and effort to put into action. But if you don’t make the mental decision to ‘get serious’ about getting a great price for your home, it is very unlikely you will take the necessary steps and do the work that is involved.

So that’s the first and probably the most important secret in getting a great price when you sell your home.

Get Serious

Secret 2: All buyers are not the same

Here is a key to getting a great price when you sell your home. The larger the number of interested buyers for your home, the more likely you are to get a great price. The secret here is to realise that all buyers are not the same.

There are actually a number of different groups of potential buyers for any home.

Here are some of these groups of potential buyers.

Group One: Active buyers

These are people who are actively looking for a home right now. In other words they are in action. They are visiting properties, looking at websites, reading advertisements and getting as much information as they can. These people are highly interested in anything to do with properties for sale.

Some of these active buyers will already be talking with real estate agents about potential homes they could be interested in buying.  Others will be doing their investigations by themselves.

Some of these active buyers could be interested in buying your home.

 Group Two: Passive buyers

These are people who are not actively looking right now. However they might live in or know your neighbourhood or property. Some of these people have actually thought about owning your home if it ever came on the market.

A person like this could live in the general area. Maybe they walk their dog twice a week past your home. They see your home and something about it really appeals to them.

A passive buyer could easily end up buying your home and giving you a great price for it.

Group Three: Friends, family and work colleagues

When you own a home you often invite people around to tell them about your home. These people are often friends, family members or work colleagues.

Now when you choose to sell your home some of these people could be interested in buying it themselves. Or they may know someone else who could be interested.

The key thing about this group of buyers is they already know quite a bit of information about your home. They could have visited it a number of times. Or perhaps they have heard you talk about your home a lot and as a result they feel they know it well.

Friends, family and colleagues who already have information about your home are an important group of buyers that you need to target effectively when you want to sell.

Group Four: People moving into your area

A big mistake when selling your home is to forget about buyers who might want to move into your area from another location. Buyers like these could be moving from another suburb, town or city and they could also be moving from another country as well. Many of these buyers could be very interested in buying your home and giving you a great price. Provided they know it is for sale and have information about it.

Group 5: Brand new buyers who are created by an external event

This group of buyers can sometimes be a golden source of people who will happily give you a great price for your home.

Imagine if a large business or organisation decides to relocate their premises somewhere close to your neighbourhood. Now if they have a large number of people working for them, many of these employees may be interested in living in your neighbourhood so they can be closer to work. The good news is your home could be exactly what they are looking for.

Or perhaps there is a large construction project announced that is close to your location that will require hundreds of workers for a reasonable period of time. Some of these workers may want to buy a home like yours to be close to the construction project. Keep your eyes and ears open for external events like these that could create brand new buyers for your property.

Group Six: Investors

This can be potentially a great group of buyers depending on the type of property you have for sale.

Investors can be interested in a wide range of homes and for a number of different reasons. Some investors are looking for a home they can spruce up and quickly sell for a profit.

Other investors are looking for properties that will give them steady dependable income for a long period of time. Some investors will buy super expensive homes and hold or live in them for a year or two. Others will hold their investment properties for as little time as possible. Investors could potentially be interested in buying your home and are an important source of buyers to be aware of.

Group Seven: Ideal Buyers for your home

This group is vital to identify when you want to get a great price. An ideal buyer is someone who loves your home. In other words they get emotionally involved in it.

It’s perfect for many things they are looking for. Your home feels great so they can easily justify paying more money to buy it. Regardless of what type of property your home is, there are always some people who would make ideal buyers for it.

It could be the location that they love. Maybe it’s the opportunity to do it up and put their own personal stamp on it. Some ideal buyers will love the view you have or the wonderful neighbourhood. Other ideal buyers will find the low maintenance and easy care aspects of your home just what they are looking for. Certain numbers of ideal buyers will love the space you have in your home so they can have their friends and family staying with them whenever they want. Ideal buyers will often give you a great price when you sell your home.

Here’s a short exercise to help you identify ideal buyers for your own home.

List 5-10 features of your home that you will personally really like and then list all the reasons why you like these features. In other words what are all the benefits you get from these various features? Then write down the types of people who might also really like these same features and benefits. You could now have identified some ideal buyers for your home.

Here’s a quick example:

What are the features you like in your home? It’s close to the airport. It’s low maintenance. It’s sunny and light.

Why do you really like these features? (What benefits do they give you?) You save time when you go to the airport because it is so close. You have lots of leisure time because your property requires no maintenance. It always feels good to come home because it’s so light and sunny.

What people would like these same features and benefits?

One group could be people that work at the airport or for an airline. If it’s large airport this group could be thousands of people. And some of them could be ideal buyers.

These are just a few of the important groups of buyers that you need to be aware of when you want to sell your home and get a great price.

So take some time to identify the important groups of buyers for your home. Or work with the real estate specialist who gave you this report to create a great list.

Secret 3: Good marketing will always help

Once you have identified a number of important groups of buyers for your home you need to make contact with all these groups of buyers and market your property to them.

Good marketing by itself may not sell your home. However a good marketing strategy can quickly generate a good number of enquiries from interested buyers.

When you market your home your goal is to get interested buyers to take action in some way. Buyers could request an information pack, visit an open home, ask some questions, make a phone call, attend an action, send an email, go to a website and so on.

In other words you want potential buyers to do something.

When you look at some of the different groups of potential buyers from Secret Two you’ll see that there is no one way to market your home that will reach all of these people.

You have to do a number of marketing and promotional activities to attract different groups of buyers. It’s a combination of different marketing efforts that works. The reason is that each marketing activity you do will often target a small number of potential buyers only.

Take something as simple as a sign sayings your house is For Sale.

Passive buyers who live in your neighbourhood will often notice a For Sale sign as well. However the For Sale sign by itself is usually not enough to attract all the interested buyers who need to see your home so you can get a great price.

That’s why you need to do a number of other marketing activities. There are dozens of marketing options you could use and in most cases you need to tailor these to suit your property as well as the groups of buyers that you want to target.

Print advertising works well and reaches a large number of buyers who read newspapers.

This can be in major newspapers, local newspapers and also in various real estate publications. Online advertisements on websites will reach a large number of buyers. Colour flyers and post cards work amazingly well when they are distributed to the right people.

Open homes will attract a certain number of buyers and so on. If your neighbour tells you, “Everywhere I look I see your home advertised,” that’s a good sign you are doing a great job with your marketing.

With good marketing your goal is also to position your home as being superior or better than all the other similar homes for sale on the market.

A good example is photos of your home. You must have good quality photos of your home that make it look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Many home buyers will begin their search online so good photos are critical here. If a property listed online does not have a good number of photos or only a few exterior shots it is often ignored by potential buyers.

The job of good photos is often to encourage a buyer to want to see more of the home in person. Your photos should never give a buyer a reason to eliminate your home from their life of potential properties they could be interested in.

Here are some tips on photos.

Take good quality photos or ideally hire a professional photographer to do this for you.  Shoot wide angles with plenty of light that show off your homes best features. Remove any vehicles from the driveway or front of your house. Avoid shade on your house and clear away anything blocking the front door or path to the front door.

If you own a property like an apartment that doesn’t have a lot of outside space, take photos of the pool, tennis court, fitness centre or spa that might be in your apartment building. If you do have outside space like a front or back yard then buyers are going to want to see it. Emphasize space in your photos and make sure you remove all evidence of pets. Take photos of every room. (You don’t have to use them all; however you might be pleasantly surprised at how well some these photos turn out.)

Open your blinds and drapes and turn on your lights when you take photos. Focus on interesting details like the condition of a polished wood floor or a mantle of a fireplace.

You may also want to take photos that show different times of the day, especially night shots, or even different times of the year in your property.

The good news about photos is that they can be used in a huge amount of your marketing. Good marketing to sell your home is actually a whole topic in itself. The main things to keep in mind are to use a number of different marketing options. Use these to contact as many groups of buyers as you can. Make your home look superior to other properties on the market that is competing against. When doing good marketing the starting point is always to have a good marketing strategy in place up front.


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